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CH S * Stuveryds Camelia  

RAG n 04
  Born: 2008-01-12


Camelia is a calm and peaceful little lady . Do not make a fuss  but loves to be where things are happening . Follow me daily as a small dog. She has quite pretty and smooth body, pretty little head with good profile and good height . Gorgeous blue eyes . The ears have good location and a good size. Her fur is incredibly nice , however, had expected a bit more length. Camelia is also very kind to the other cats but can sometimes show her power on her own little cat languages ​​force them into a corner . Their babies , she has always taken care of like a pro. She has also been an extraordinary second mother to B -litter. Prepared up to 100 %. pedigree
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S * Håkansgården`s Cinderella

RAG a 04
  Born: 2012-06-10

Cinderella, our little girl. A wonderful happy, cozy, funny cat. Loved to leapfrog over the other cats and did everything to get them in the game. But just as quickly she was back in my lap and just wanted to cuddle. We had no plans to keep someone from this litter, but our hearts said something completely different.
Cinderella was so incredibly small when she was born and got left with his siblings in the growth so therefore she got more love and food. Because of this she stole a big place in our hearts. I'am so glad we kept her. She gives us joy and lots of laughter daily. Today she has developed 
into a wonderful little lady. However, still a bit smaller than the other. Had wished for better width of the cheeks, better profile and better ear placement. But with her gorgeous fur, the incredible blue eyes and her charm so I do believe in her. She is the mother of the B-litter. A role she took very seriously. A wonderful mother fore her kittens.


Heart & Kidneys: ok   2013-12-03

                     HCM  N/N:          2013-12-03     

SE * Fujujung's Blue Fairy

RAG a 04
Born: 2014-04-25

Blue Fairy is from our B-litter. My desire from this litter was to be able to keep one of the female. It was born three blue mitted girls. So the choice was very difficult. They all had different strengths and weaknesses. Why I chose the Blue Fairy is for her gorgeous hair, she has the best profile and best height in the pan though I wish a little more height. However, her cheeks need more width which perhaps will. Her dark blue eyes brightened, unfortunately, but we'll see where it carries. She is perfect mitted  which the other was not. So we'll see how this little lady developed. Time will decide if I mate her next summer.

Her first show was on 27 / 9-14. Even though she is right in the punk age and a little out of plant she still Ex 3 of 4. Cheeks, profile, color of eyes, ears was exelent and fur items. quality and very well presented. Something that I was very proud of. The most important thing for me with this show was training for her and.
HCM  n/n by parents but will be tested before mating.


SE*Fjärilsflickans Vintra

RAG g 03 21
Born: 2014-11-01


Little Vintra, which we have dreamed of for so long and she means so much to us. I got to know   Vintra's breeder Josephine few years ago and since then we have had a wonderful touch. Already when Josephine had bought Vintra's parents' Muffin & Berry my daughter decided that she absolutely wants a girl from this combination.
And the dream came true. Vintra was born November 1, 2015 in a litter of 5 more siblings, but we decided pretty quickly that it was Vintra we wanted. She is so wonderful. For us, she is the most beautiful thing in the world.
We know her parents, she has a father who is just absolutely wonderful, both in type and temperament. Her mother also. And we have a great trust forVintra's breeder.
Thank you Josephine for your trust and for tyou letting us to own Vintra


S*Kaserna's Oriana 
RAG n 04


S*NumberOne's Dionysos 
RAG a 03



CH S* Eurovison's Libera

CH S* Marri'c Cedric af Ådalen
RAG a 04 21


S*Håkangården's Cinderella
RAG a 04
S*DolliDays DChild Gaston



PL*Dollyland Raspberry

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         ES*Carpat Ragdolls 


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