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Ch S * Marric`s Cedric af Ådalen

RAG a 04 21

Born: 2008-07-13.

Cedric is a large and handsome guy but little shy. Love to be outside in the catgarden and her cat and maybe a another cat past by that he can sneak on and scare away. He has a good stable body, strong bones, broad chest and neck. Very good length and weight . Ex . wide cheeks and muzzle , very nice profile but I want a little more height on the forehead. The eyes instance . shape , size, color and position. The ears equally so. Ex . coat quality , but a little too much teddy bear fur. I wish more length , which might come in winter . Very nice contrasts and points , a fine mitted but unfortunately a little color on one hind leg . Now Cedric is living as a happy neuter . On Spinneriets club show , he became Mr. Cool Guy.

Heart & kidneys   ok   20130422
DNA-test- HCM   N/N.  By parents.
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SE*Hjällnä's Gottfrid

RAG n 03
Born: 2014-08-04

Our new litle boy, Gottfid. Well what can you say? A heart breaker. This guy is something special, who could say no to him. Not me, anyway. He was born with my best friend Britt-Marie and neither she and I want to let him go. Therefore, we will take him together and plan together about his future.
He has a wonderful temperament, just as well. As a little prophet who just goes around and enjoying the day. Good width of the cheeks, good profile and the height of the forehead we'll see what happens with it. So far quite ok. Ears are where they should be. The body is short and compact as I hope that it gets longer with time. He's just a kid so far. It's gonna be incredibly fun and exciting to see what becomes of his sweetheart. The 6/12 -14, he was on his first show and we went not disappointed from there. He was judged by Raymond with the assessment that he is a very promising guy.

Thank you wonderful BM for giving me the confidence to have him in my home.

S*Wihlthos Venus 

S*Barkåsens Simpely Miracle 
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S*Zamzam's Doll Gloria
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S*Fairy Kingdoms  Lovely Kingstone

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